Dating Online - Safety precautions

Dating online, it is the new way of dating and it pays to play it safe. Whenever you meet someone new it is always wise to be wary.

The following are a few tips to ensure your safety when dating online.

Before you meet

Never give out your personal email address when dating online. Make use of the anonymous communication systems offered by all good online dating services. This will allow you to give out as little personal information as you would like.

Ask for his full name. This can deter predators and unscrupulous people who lurk around others while dating online.

Don't give out your personal details such as home address telephone number to anyone while dating online

Trust your instincts and if unsure of someone's intentions ask them for references from family and friends

The First Date

Consider bringing friends out on the first date. This offers a much safer environment and is a less threatening first option after meeting when dating online.

Keep a personal alarm in your handbag. This can alert others if you are in danger.

Make your own way to & from the date. That way you conceal your address and prevent potential stalking.

If you are feeling unsafe don't be afraid to leave. As said earlier, trust your instincts, if you have a funny feeling it is always better to play it on the safe side and excuse yourself politely.

Let friends and family know where you are and what time you will be getting home

Always carry a mobile phone.

Only meet in public places.

Don't drink anything that you haven't seen prepared.


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