Speed Dating Explained

In an age of fast food, express lines and instant gratification, it is no wonder a concept like speed dating is quickly gaining popularity. This method of meeting as many people as possible in a single evening has taken the dating world by storm, both in person and online.

The most intriguing aspect of speed dating is that it actually works; more than half of all individuals who participate in a speed dating session will have the makings of a first date by the end of the evening!

Consider the dynamics of speed dating and why the system actually works in bringing many couples together.

The History

Speed dating was originally invented by Rabbi Yaacov Deyo a decade ago. This Jewish leader wanted to find a way to bring young adults in his church together for social time and potential dating matches.  He developed the idea from an age-old tradition of chaperoned events to help Jewish singles find mates. The original idea was to encourage Jewish adults to marry within their faith, but the concept has blossomed into a dating strategy that many employ to meet and greet potential mates quickly and effectively.

The Process

The concept behind speed dating is fairly simple. Assemble a number of men and women together for an evening, assuring there is an even number of each. Each individual is given a nametag and a scorecard to rank each date. Couples are matched up for anywhere from five to 10 minutes at a time to share information and their sparkling personalities with one another.

When the timer goes off, couples are remixed until everyone at the party has experienced a chance to meet each member of the opposite sex. At the end of each "date," individuals are given a few minutes to complete scorecards on their meeting to determine whether they want to set another longer date up with their matches at a later time. Scorecards are collected at the end of the evening, and organizers will provide contact information to those couples interested in meeting each other again.

The Benefits

There are a number of advantages to indulging in a speed dating session. Benefits might include:

  • The ability to meet a large number of people in a relatively short period of time
  • Speed dating is set up to be both fun and safe for all participants
  • If you don't like a particular participant, your date is over before you know it
  • Conversation is focused on getting to know each other quickly, and pressure for small talk is greatly reduced
  • The success rate for speed dating is fairly high, with more that half of the participants coming away from the experience with a potential match


Most speed dating networks are set up for a particular age range, sexual preference and religion. This ensures that all of the people you meet in an evening will at least share some commonalities with you. Some may also base groupings on interests and activities, allowing you to narrow the playing field even further.

Online Speed Dating

For those who would like to meet a number of people in an evening without leaving home, there is also speed dating online. These services often require a webcam and instant messaging service to get the most out of the experience. Singles meet at a particular time to begin the speed dating session, which follows the same basic pattern as live speed dating.

One advantage to online dating is that you can continue to get to know each other through the Internet for a longer period of time before meeting face to face if you like. Some of these websites also offer traditional Internet dating services, such as posting profiles and sending winks and messages to other singles that look enticing.

Speed dating has revolutionized the way singles meet each other today. In a single evening, you can meet as many as a dozen members of the opposite sex to determine if any of them has the potential for a long-term dating relationship. Enjoy an evening of food, drinks and conversation with new people that may share in your interests and goals of finding a mate. Whether you choose your speed dating network online or in person, many people swear by the efficiency, effectiveness and sheer fun that speed dating provides.

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