Ten Quickfire Dating Tips

Dating can be intimidating enough, even without putting modern technology into the mix. However, the advent of online dating has allowed many singles to mingle and meet others with similar interests all from the comfort of home. With the addition of chat rooms and other social networking tools, members of dating sites can get together for fun and conversation – just like they would at the local singles' hangout.

To make your online dating experience more successful, consider these tips to help you find love on the Internet.

Find a Reputable Service

There are many online dating services available today, but not all are created equal. Choose a service that focuses on the type of relationship you are interested in, and look for one that has a strong presence in the area you live. Ask about the number of active members, and how many form relationships with someone they meet through the service. The right service will start you out on the right foot in finding your perfect match.

Create a Compelling Profile

A good profile will take some time to complete, but it will be well worth the effort if it receives the kind of positive attention for which you hope.  Spend some time answering the questions and writing up your description, using advice columns you can find online as a guide. Remember that your profile is the first impression someone will get, so make your first encounter shine.

Choose an Alluring Photo

Notice that we did not say you must use a professional photo, although this would be fine as well. Don’t choose a picture that is too sexy or silly, or you will give the wrong impression from the start. Find an image that flatters your best features, with a smile that shows you are happy, confident and ready to meet someone new.

Find a Catchy Title and User Name

These small phrases are often the first thing that catches a member's eye, so make sure yours are witty and interesting. However, make sure the title still accurately describes who you are or the type of date you are looking for, or you might be weeding out more inappropriate responses than you expected.

Be Patient

Online dating is not the best choice for immediate gratification. For all you know, the person you sent a wink to yesterday may not check his email from the dating site until the weekend. Many women get an average of 50-200 responses to their profiles and it may take some time to reply. Give your interest time to respond to your initial email and try not to worry in the meantime.

Be Proactive

Rather than waiting for a response from a single individual, send emails to three or four members that you find interesting. You may discover that the third person on your list actually becomes your top choice when she responds to your email quickly and you have the chance to converse back and forth a few times.

Be Honest

There is no point in lying to the online community, since your eventual goal is undoubtedly to meet at least one of the members face to face. Be honest from your profile to all of the correspondence you send out to the online community. While you don't want to disclose personal information too soon, you want potential dates to get to know the real you right from the beginning.

Plan a Safe First Date

When the time comes to finally meet someone face to face, make sure your first date is a safe one. Plan your meeting in a public place and meet there, rather than inviting a stranger to your home to pick you up.  Let friends and family members know where you will be, and even ask them to come to the meeting place if you feel uncomfortable in any way. Plan a relatively short and casual first meeting that allows both of you to relax and be yourselves.

Online dating may seem like an intimidating prospect, but it has helped millions of singles find fun, romance and long-term relationships. With these tips in hand, you will be prepared to enter the world of online dating with style and confidence. With any luck, you will leave the experience with plenty of positive memories and perhaps even the love of your life.

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